Histórias de vinil (vinyl stories) is an project that aims to
rescue the great moments that you ever lived with a vynil record.
It could be the family memories around the phonograph,
stolen older’s brother disc or the moment you decided
to become a DJ doing skratch with your father's records.
A disc you used to put to dance or that one that marked
your childhood and today you ashamed it. The disc you
found in a dirty underground store in downtown or
that special one you unfortunate chose to donate.
Good records mark your life.
So we want to know your story.
If you remember any memorable moment with a vinyl
record that you ever had, count for us.
The best stories will be told in a special project.
Still in progress.
Casamento (Wedding)
Beijo (Kiss)
Irmãos (Brothers)
Ressaca (Hangover)
Site                    http://www.historiasdevinil.com.br/
Facebook                       https://www.facebook.com/historiasdevinil/
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